Jewellery Courses



Wire Wrapping

Learn to make beautiful unique pieces of jewellery

Working with solid sterling silver &
14K gold-fill

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2 Day Basic Jewellery Course



You will be learning the basic techniques of wire wrapping step-by-step, in a fun, relaxed environment.
All you need to bring is yourself and enjoy learning new techniques with like minded people.

Day 1 Projects

Project 1
Charm earrings using sterling silver and gemstone beads
Project 2
Advancing from the basic charm earring, adding silver chain to made a new elegant drop earrings design.
Project 3
You’ll be creating a Cabochon Cage Pendant, learning formulae and techniques that can be utilized later on any sized cabochon. To this you can add charm beads and a facet gemstone as embellishments.

Day 2 Projects

Project 4
Learning a different style of wrapping a cabochon or tumble stone called a Wrap Pendant
Project 5
And finally! You will make a combination bracelet using metals that are of different gauges, tempers and shapes.



2 Day Advanced Jewellery Course



You will be learning advanced techniques of wire wrapping and wire weaving, step-by-step.

Day 1 Projects - Rings

Project 1
Simple elegant 3 gemstone bead ring in sterling silver – My best seller!
Project 2
Multi-layer gemstone bead ring in sterling silver
Project 3
You will be creating a beautiful ornate wrapped gemstone ring in sterling silver

Day 2 Projects

Project 4
Learning the main 3 basic wire weaving techniques in copper
Project 5
The main project! You will be combining all techniques learnt in the course to make an elaborate wire weave pendant in Fine silver and Sterling silver








Time Table

9:30am Start
Short break when needed
1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch*
Short break when needed
5:30pm Finish

*There is a range of local eateries and super market


All of the supplies you will use during your 2 day jewellery course will be included in the course price.

We will also have additional supplies at the event (at discounted prices) that you can purchase to creat the same projects at home!

Each project will come with written step-by-step instruction

A set of tools will be available for use on the course, which may be purchased (if you wish)

2 Day Jewellery Courses

2018 Course Dates

Basic: 29th - 30th September
Advanced: 3rd - 4th November

Basics: None
Advanced: Completion of Basic course or previous experience

Price: £300 per Course
(Includes consumables eg. wire, gemstone etc)
Non refundable deposit of £50 to book your place
Limited places, please book early to avoid disappointment

Directions to Event

The course is being held in the conference room at the address below:

Holiday Inn Express
2nd Avenue
Centrum 100
Burton upon Trent
DE14 2WF

If you wish to stay the night you can book a room in advance,
through the hotel’s website:

Terms and conditions

Confirmation of a place on the course is by payment of a
non refundable deposit of £50
All course fees must be paid in full 21 days in advance of the course.
If students book after 21 days prior to the course, where a space is still available, then payment in full is due immediately.
Fees are non refundable in the event of your cancellation within 21 days of the commencement date of the course.


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